Anyway, I thank you very much for
your quick response and good job
thank you very much Mike,dont know
how to thank you,we are so greatful for
your help
Mike thanks for telling me about xxxxxxx
he sent the meter back already and it
works great,saved me 120.00 or more
dollars,thanks so much.
Thanks a bunch for the follow up.
Thanks for working with me on this.

That was a very thoughtful and
> well written response.  OK, you get
my business
Thanks for the information and quick
You sure make it sound easy. ;-}
As you can tell, I’m just getting started
learning what’s involved in converting
my Mazda Miata. I especially
appreciate your inputs so I’ll have a
better understanding of what’s needed
to make the conversion successful.
, thanks for getting back to
me. I really appreciate it.

Many thanks!

thanks mate
Mike you have been a good friend
Thanks again for your professionalism.
Thank you for the answer and your
time.  If you have a mailing list when
information becomes available please
put me on it.

I selected your company to contact
because from searches and research,
you come out on top in presentation of
information.  I have looked a several
"local" sites listed by NetGain as
suppliers but find a real lack.  Perhaps
this is unfair but no one more local to
where I live seems as knowledgeable
great news thanks for keep me up on

I will definitely contact you when I start
this project
. You have been the most
helpful person I spoke with on this
Hello Mike,
Many thanks for your explanation, it is
very interesting!

Hello Mike,
Thanks for your fast response.
I enjoyed the learning and appreciate
the information

Again, really appreciate your time in
helping understand this stuff - it's been
fun learning.
The owner of EV-Propulsion was very
helpful. We talked about EVs and
some of the details we should keep in
mind as we do our conversion. We
went over what measurements we
would need to take from the original
engine in order to fit the the electric
motor to the transmission. Mike was
kind enough to show us his electric
Miata and S-10. It was great to talk to
someone in the EV world in person,
and see his EV's.
I knew I wanted to get a Netgain WarP9 motor and
evnetics Soliton1 controller, so the next step was to
find an EV parts distributor. I wanted to find one near
us so we could pick up the parts and not have to pay
for shipping. Luckily, I found EV-Propulsion a few
hours away.
Thank you for being a great
and honest business
I should say: Mike at, above, was
absolutely wonderful when I had
questions and ended up ordering from
him. The product I ordered even
showed up quicker than expected

Build a car for you, not for them ! (the oil
conversions since 1975
Thanks again professor.
Hi Mike;
Thats what I call a clarification! Thanks
Some of our testimonials and e-mail comments..............
I surely do appreciate this personal
service in what has become a rather
impersonal world.