Build a car for you, not for them ! (the oil
Mazda Miata set up on a rotisserie for conversion
Stripped of its ICE components, ready to be cleaned up
Time to begin the conversion.....
Removing the entire rear axle assembly to
access gas tank for removal and battery box
installation in this location (right above the axle)
Rear battery box installed in gas tank location, and view of battery box above rear axle assembly
preliminary fit of rear battery box in existing
fuel tank "dog house" behind  seats
Machining motor spacer in house
flex plate attached to warp 9 motor, ready
for transmission bolt up
Transmission all cleaned up, ready for motor
Connected !
Tachometer sensor for original in dash
tachometer operation and for rev limiter circuit
Motor and transmission going into chassis
Prototype motor mount bracket installed
Motor in chassis with "wrap around"
motor                      mount installed
Wiring for motor. All wiring in liquidtite conduit
you can see the front bracket with P/S,  &  A/C.
Once again, all wiring in flexible conduit, and wiring from rear battery box run on opposite sides of
car,                   inside the frame rails
Fuse,contactor,shunt and relays will be
housed in rear battery box, isolated
from AGM batteries (and fingers)!
Again, all connections are inside box, away from
the elements (and fingers again)!
The completed front box with cover removed. Our goal is to make a vehicle simple looking,
clean looking,easy to drive, and above all else,
safe as can be.
For the future of conversions, I hope that all of you working on a project will keep safety in
mind when designing your car. Be mindful of how wires are run, and cover any exposed
electrical connections.
Before building a conversion, take the extra time to think the project out fully-you will be
glad you did in the end with something you can be proud of !!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and good luck with your projects!!
conversions since 1975
2003 Ford Focus
Prototype Dual AC motor
drivetrain in development
1990 Mazda Miata
Here are some pictures from one of our recent conversion projects....
custom motor mount, front motor pulley, and air conditioning bracket
GBS 100ah batteries, Soliton 1 controller, miniBMS system
Completed underhood, with gigavac disconnect switches, no exposed
electrical hazards
All wiring hidden under hinged controller
Gas tank area battery box and all oem structural supports still intact
J1772 charging port in previous gas fill port                                                              Manzanita charger, trunk space still available
All wiring fully insulated in non-metallic liquidtite conduit and terminal boots
Mazda Miata Conversion