At EV-propulsion we have been doing electric car conversions since 1975, right
after the first "
oil crisis".  Back then there were not any parts that were designed
for cars, so we had to modify existing components from electric forklifts, or
create our own parts. Over the years we created more and more complex car
conversions so we can now have automatic transmissions, power steering, air
conditioning and like, so the  driving feel of an electric car is not much different
from the gasoline versions we are used to, except for the lack of noise and
having to  stop at gas stations!
With the recent huge increase in gas costs there has been a huge demand for
an alternative from people all over the country, up to and including the
president of our country. This demand encouraged us to open our knowledge
of electric vehicles for parts sales (for the do it yourself-er), and our conversion
service where we will convert a vehicle for you.
The following are pictures of a few recent conversions, as well as some unique
electric vehicles we have had through the years.
Be sure to check our "projects" page for our conversions being done now!
Our first electric car...  Well not really-we
don't go back this far! But it does show
electric vehicles are not a new idea-in fact
at one time there were more electric  cars
than gas powered-and they were  the
vehicle of choice for many people. This is a
picture of a 1903 Centaur Electric.
Our current ride, a Mazda
Miata,  converted on a
rotisserie. Please see the
"projects" page for more details!
Some recent conversions, a
Chevy S-10 pickup on the left,
and a Ford Aspire on the right.
Recently in local newspapers
and TV.
This is our first conversion, a
1971 Simca.  Was in several
newspapers also at the time,  
and used for many years.
Several unique production
cars we've had over the
Clockwise from top left:
1-Used by the New York city
electric company, Con Ed.
2-Solargen electric AMC
Concord station wagon.
3-Subaru electric mini-van
4-Vanguard Citicar, a
popular vehicle in its time,
we serviced a few in the
local area.

Build a car for you, not for them ! (the oil
This is a GE EV-1   SCR
speed controller from the late
70's, early 80's (compared to
todays Curtis controller)
These were used in the
solargen shown above- quite
a difference from todays
controllers-in size,power, and
obvious ease of wiring!
30 years difference in speed control design !
conversions since 1975
And a recent conversion....