- Specially designed for electric motorcycle and low speed
vehicle applications with low battery weight and
extended range.
Package contains
32x GBS-LFMP60AH cells,
an EPS BMS system (w/ LCD display)
matching  charger.
Other size packs available, see below.....

- ; Voltage range: 89.6-115.8 V.
- 1 year limited warranty included with package purchase.
Package BMS System
- Battery management system with cell balancing feature.
- Interfaces with charger and controls charging process.
- Measures and controls individual cell voltages and temperatures, total
current and total pack voltage.
- Prevents individual cells from conditions of over-charging,
over-temp and excessive current draw.
- Programmable alarm configurations and balancing parameters.
- Includes SOC meter and alarm display.
- Daisy chain connection for balancing sample boards. Easy and simple
Matching chargers for 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28 cell Li-ion battery packs.
All our chargers use a 3-step charging program: constant current,
constant voltage and pulsed charging steps. Together with balancers or
BMS systems, they prevent over-charging conditions for Li-ion batteries.
The chargers provide protections against overload, over-voltage,
over-heat, short circuit and reverse polarity connection. Input AC voltage
is 110V, and the output DC current is 15A or 20A
Other packages available:
24, 36, 48, 72, 96 volt systems,
with choice of 20, 40, 60, 100 ah cells

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conversions since 1975

• Advantage of GBS 2nd Generation Li-ion Batteries Compared To Thunder Sky Batteries:

- 10% higher energy density by weight and by volume;
- Superior safety performance due to patented new safety valve and pressure cap designs;
- Batteries do not explode or catch fire when batteries are shorted or punctuated resulting in internal shorts;
- More robust connection due to new electrode terminal design using four rivets or four screws per terminal; Prevent      
loose connections caused by vibration;
- Reduced impedance due to improved electrode terminal design;
- Improved cycle life;
- New cell structure better facilitates BMS integration and battery pack formation, and improves air circulation
1--Competitors use sandwich structure of a threaded cap/spring/metal plate as the safety valve. The design does not allow for reliable opening under
extreme conditions, which may result in fire and explosion. Spring and metal plates may corrode over time and lose effectiveness.
GBS cells use a patented latch design safety valve which pops open when internal pressure reaches a designed threshold. The reliability and
durability of the safety valve is much improved. The cells do not catch fire or explode even in worst case extreme conditions, such as a steel rod
piercing through the cell causing a full internal short.

2---Competitors have no battery cover which makes it more vulnerable to electrical shorts.   
GBS cells come with covers which protect the terminals, jumpers, BMS boards from potential shorts and mechanical damage. The cover mounts flush
with the top of the battery case.

3---Competitors’ cells use a single bolt for jumper connection. The connection could potentially become loose over time due to vibration. This could
lead to high contact resistance, heat generation and in general is a safety risk. The jumpers are made out of unprotected copper which could corrode
over time.
GBS cells use 4 screws or 4 rivets to secure the jumpers on the terminals. The connection is much more robust, and the contact area is maximized.
These jumpers are made from silver plated copper for greater corrosion resistance and higher conductivity.

4---Sky Energy and Thunder Sky cells have no alignment nubs, so they are difficult to be packaged. There are no air gaps on the side of the cells to
allow proper air flow for cooling.
GBS cells have small nubs to allow for easy packaging, and prevents cells shifting after being strapped. There are air gaps on all sides of the cells to
allow lateral air flow for cooling.

5---Competitors’ cells are not designed to easily accommodate BMS sampling boards.
GBS cells are designed to accommodate BMS sampling boards. The boards can be installed easily on the terminals (without removing the jumpers).
There are comb slots to secure BMS wires.